In other words, what captivates and communicates effectively? So that your message comes across to your manager, colleagues or mother-in-law.

Do these questions apply to your team or organization? Contact us about our customized in-company workshop! Based on the questions within your team and industry, we customize our workshop.

The following topics are covered:

  • Breaking down data into manageable chunks of information
  • Creating a clear storyline that structures the information and shows the connections
  • Using text and visuals to communicate in an effective and engaging way

During the workshop, we’ll share our best practices and show you what tools you can use to do this. These topics and many more will be covered. In addition, we will roll up our sleeves. So bring an existing case and we’ll get to work on it!

Practical: our in-company data design workshop is tailored to the needs, knowledge and experience of you and your team. Depending on that, the workshop takes a half day or a full day. We are happy to visit you on location, otherwise the tea and coffee are warm at our location.

Ready to get started together?

Great, so do we! Send us a message and we’ll get you communicating complex information in no time, too.